AMPLO Insights Cloud Portal assist you in retrieving multiple sites detailed reports.



With this overview you have the ability to view your sites with combined reports from one location. This portion will automatically update every 5 - 10Min. Which will be a live update. With a basic back up of your account and site stats as a bonus.


From anywhere and anytime, no more need to be on site. The information is instantly available on any device with internet accessibility. 

• View your sales and purchases per product per day Summary
• Get a Trade summary combined of all activities in one report. (Average Price on Purchases/ Sales).  

• Transaction view per site.
• View Declarations, Photo’s WB, 264 Vat format and ID’s
• Also print and export in PDF or excel format.
• The report will be all your sites combined 

• View each cash up report per site in full detail:    
• Each pay points, Cash up results.
• It identifies which operator worked on the pay point.
• View opening and closing balances for the day.
• View all sales separately from Purchases.
• Total global view of the day/month/year Cash up 

• View each sites stock with real time updates. (Opening Balance, Closing Balance)
• View each sites per product Sale and Purchase
• Can view summary per product combined 

• View Weighbridge notes
• View Per transaction per Weighbridge ticket. 


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