The Start! Lariat Technologies was established in 1994 as a consultation firm for the engineering industry. Then in 1997 the company was bought over by George Turvey a couple of his associates.

Here they continued to implement consultation structures to the engineering industry as well as system implementation, reverse engineering and change management solutions. At this stage they started drawing the attention of large firms like Columbus steel.

And in 2000 the first software development started to ease management issues in the recycling industry. This software was named RecycelProx. The head programmer at that time was Gene, George’s younger brother. RecycleProx was implemented at a couple of recycle yards like Wynberg Waste.

So Far

What have we acheived so far.


More than a 1500 users

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More than 450 companies

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Present! Currently Lariat is working on becoming a world class company with world class products. Incorporating the Second-Hand-Goods law to clamp down on crime in South Africa.

Further more new management software is being developed for different markets like WeighproX, for the transport and mining industry, AmploPay and Amplo Insights that implements cloud based technology.


352 Kiepersol Rd
South Africa


Phone: +27 12 804 0040

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